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Lacey Black

Storyteller At Heart


January 1 2019

Fred awoke to find himself alive when he should be dead.  Hermione isn't the same person she was before the war, her parents have lost their memories of her forever and her two best friends decided to go working for the ministry.  Will she find herself again?  What happens when Death Eaters take the muggle world by storm?
sequel to “She Could Always Tell”





By Lacey Black

Sometime later that soft fuzzy feeling was gone and he awoke in pain. Fred tried to sit up in the hospital bed but unable due to a rather bony human gripping his side and taking up more bed space than ideal. George likely couldn’t sleep otherwise, what with Fred almost dying. How was he still here he wondered? He looked about the room his eyes falling on his entire family, Harry Potter and finally Hermione. Then he looked at his twin again, the poor kid, he’d never have survived without him. He had no idea how long he had been asleep but the world seemed quieter than it had been in almost 2 years.

“Shh, it’s the middle of the night, and everyone is sleeping” Hermione spoke. She was sitting beside his beautiful mum who was holding his hand for dear life. 

“Hey, how am I here, I reckon I should be dead right about now” he whispered. He struggled to stretch realizing he had bandages covering almost every area of his body. The pain he felt was immeasurable. He almost wished he had died; the pain was harrowing even though the IV with some wizard pain medication was slowly dripping into a vein in his hand.

“Well, I arrived just in time. Luckily for you, the curse used against you had a counter, and I learned all about it when Harry had this book a while back. You know me and reading. Anyways it worked out good that I was there. We almost lost you!” The concerned look on Hermione’s face was just about the cutest thing he had ever seen. She was obviously exhausted stammering through an explanation of how he had survived from being an inch from death. They must all have been taking turns keeping watch over him, she had a book in her lap and three empty coffees beside her on a rollaway tray.

“It would have been a right good way to go though. But thanks Sis,” he said. Giving her that nickname had been the only way he had separated her from being the girl he liked to being Hermione; his brothers’ girlfriend.

“I hardly think Molly would feel the same way,” Hermione smirked at him. 

“Mum would have been right messed over it” Fred paused feeling a stir beside him. 
“but she’d have been proud” George finished Fred’s sentence groggily. 
“You daft fool, she’s already proud of you, you needn’t die a hero for her to be proud.” She looked him in the eyes almost scolding him for his rash actions on the battlefield.
“You’re awake! Oh, thank Merlin!” Molly was awake and tears of happiness and relief poured down her cheeks. She kissed Fred’s cheeks and gripped his hand tight. 

“Mum!” He groaned at her snobby teary face squished against his. 

The rest of his family were startled awake from the commotion and everyone was overjoyed that Fred seemed to be recovering well. He looked around at the faces that surrounded him, his mother and father, George, Bill, Fleur, Ginny, Ron, Percy, Harry, Hermione and even Charlie had spared time from his work to be there. Soon they were all laughing and joking around as if they were at home in The Burrow. Fred asked many questions about what happened while he was out and soon everyone was rehashing the Battle of Hogwarts and subsequently the end of the war. Fred had been sleeping for a week while Harry had died, come back to life and killed Voldemort, now The Order aided by ministry Aurors were out searching for Death Eaters, rounding up the worst of the worst. 

There had been a lot of loss; Tonks, Lupin, mad eye, and many students and teachers were killed in the war, especially during the Battle of Hogwarts. Even though professor Snape had sworn in as a Death Eater and killed Dumbledore, as per Dumbledore’s will and testimony, he was declared a war hero at his funeral. Draco, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were to stand trial for their crimes and face what charges were laid against them. The Order would have to find them first though. They had run as soon as Harry Potter was discovered to be alive after being hit with the killing curse, obviously terrified of ending up imprisoned. 

Actually, many of the Death Eaters decided to abandon Voldemort in the final hours. And because Voldemort really was dead for good this time the Order wasn’t as quick to go after the Death Eaters. 

Now that Fred was through the worst of it he was allowed more visitors, so in the days to follow he had many students and teachers visiting him in the hospital. He was finally able to walk with the assistance of crutches so it was time to go home however the Burrow has been destroyed so they all went to stay in Sirius’s home until alternate arrangements could be made. Hermione moved all her belongings into one of the spare rooms. She couldn’t go home, she had used the “Obliviate” spell on her parents’ memories before the worst of the War began and one couldn’t undo magic like that on a Muggle. He could tell how broken up she felt about it, but she was strong. 
Fred was getting stronger every day and it wasn’t long before he was getting into trouble again. The store he and his brother ran was luckily still in top shape and with the Wizarding world getting back to normal he and George spent a lot of time there. Hermione was even picking up the odd shift. Life seemed to be becoming normal and calm again. It was almost boring, but boring was something Fred could get used to.

“Good morning Mione,” Fred and his brother chimed as Hermione walked through the door of the shop. 

“Fred, George,” she smiled up at them from where they perched together on the stairs leading to the second floor.

“Not getting into any trouble I hope.”

“Oh you know us Hermione,” Fred began.

George suddenly appeared beside her sitting atop the cash desk, feet tucked under hicross-legged. “Never a dull moment here!” He finished. 

Hermione shook her head but grinned, all the same, she was glad they were back to themselves, the week Fred had been in a coma-like state George had been a frazzled mess. She wasn’t sure George would have coped well with losing Fred especially since Fred had jumped in front of Snape's attack on George to protect him. 

George had been dropping hints for the past week that they should hire someone full time so that he or Fred might be able to get out of the shop from time to time. Finally, Fred offered Hermione more shifts and she gladly took them. He didn’t mind having her around, she was a pleasant conversationalist, easy on the eyes and a hard worker. Fred had also fancied Hermione Granger quite a bit since she gave Draco Malfoy a shiner. 

Fred's days seemed to go quickly now, life was so much different then he was accustomed to. There was no great evil, or dark forces to conspire against. Hogwarts was being rebuilt but he was done school anyways. He was just a common wizard now. He had a business to run, customers to see to, and he had decided to save for a house so he might have a wife and 5 or 6 children of his own one day. He laughed at the thought as he counted the days’ earnings. Another profitable day. He pulled the money, locked up the register, left the store and began waiting for Hermione who was locking up the doors and windows with a charm before they went home for the night.