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Lacey Black

Storyteller At Heart


February 7, 2019

Warning 18+

Carrie heard the whistle sound *Tweeeeet* and watched as 6 muscled backs plunged into the lanes with a small splash each.  She watched in fascination as they quickly breast stroked from one end to the other seemingly with ease and did a quick flip pushing off from the side of the pool and heading back where they came from.

“rie….Carrie….Cunningham!!!” the voice of a very annoyed snake suddenly disturbed her focus and she scowled at the blonde head it came from.

“Don’t even bother with that one, for CC watching a swim meet is like Avery and chocolate tarts,” Narcissa laughed. “They need alone time…”

“Not true, I’m just...patriotic..to the school and its teams..” Carrie said half paying attention.

“It’s not like any of ours are competing right now, what’s the point of watching this one?”  Lucius Malfoy the blonde annoyance grumbled.

The whistle blew and the winner was announced.  Bodies climbed from the pool, water dripping from lean muscles, and a couple young men clad in small red swim trunks jumped on to the winner of the race. Laughing and playfully pushing at them, Remus Lupin smiled broadly over his victory. He pushed a shorter James Potter back into the water causing a huge splash and roaring laughter from Sirius Black, whose curled hair hung longer from the water and brushed his solid shoulder blades.

Carrie all but drooled staring at Lupins chiseled abs from years of swimming competitions and obviously days at the gym too.  As he turned around and bent to pick up his towel, she thought to herself that she could bounce a galleon off that tight rear. Her breath quickened and her pulse hammered as she watched him dry his solid frame and tousle his thick brown hair.  

His eyes darted upwards meeting Carrie’s; noticing her ogling him from afar.  He raised an eyebrow and smirked as he continued to dry his body, a bit slower now than before, taking time around his large member within the confines of his tight trunks. 

Carries cheeks flushed a deep red and she quickly looked away, gathered her books and practically ran from the pool room all the way to her sanctuary; the Library.  She collapsed into a chair at her favourite table, breathing heavily and trying to cool her red face by fanning herself.  

That was all a part of her imagination of course, she had vivid daydreams about Lupin quite often.  Just yesterday he threw her up against the books in the restricted section and made dirty sweaty love to her right there, in broad daylight.  Of course that hadn’t ACTUALLY happened, it was all apart of her obsession with the Gryffindor.  

She tried to busy herself with her noted from potions class, but her mind kept drifting elsewhere.  It was probably why when Lupin walked to her table to borrow a pencil she responded with “not till you kiss me senseless.” thinking it was a simple daydream again.  He’d never even spoken a word to her in their past 7 years of school, so why would she think any differently.

“What?” he laughed and looked at her with that sexy quizzical brow.

Her face drained of colour and she thought she might be sick.  Was she sarcastic enough, or smooth enough to get out of this with her dignity in tact,  she wondered.  She could try, hell she HAD to say something.  He was just staring at her expecting an answer.

“It's called a joke, Lupin,” she smirked in what she thought might be an attractive way.  “Or were you actually thinking I was seriously wanting to snog with you?”

He squinted his eyes slightly and leaned in really close, so close in fact his lips brushed her dark curly hair and she could feel his breath on her ear. 

“I know you do Cunningham.” He then grabbed her only pencil, flashed her a brilliant smile and walked out of the library completely.
Frozen in place she finally allowed herself to breath again as he left the vicinity.  Oh Merlin!  Oh Merlin! Oh Merlin. Her eyes were wide with horror as she played the moment over and over in her head.  Potter, Lupin and Black would have a grand old time with that one.  She’d be the laughing stock of both Gryffindor house and Slytherin when that got out. 

She decided to hide out in the snake common room for the two hours leading up to dinner and then find a way to sneak in the great hall and eat without anyone noticing her.

  When she arrived into the common room she found herself in front of a mirror.  She removed her bulky sweater and looked at herself in the glass.  Black unruly curly hair that hung to the middle of her back made her bright yellow eyes stand out against her pale skin.   She pinched her cheeks and poked at her belly which was slender with a bit of pudge, definitely not athletic or sculpted.  But over all she liked how she looked, confident enough that the snake boys found her quite fit. 

She noticed out of the corner of her eye Lacey Avery tucked into the corner playing with a snake, talking to it softly.  This wasn’t an uncommon occurrence here, especially for Lacey who enjoyed many creatures especially snakes.  She also had a chocolate tart beside her with a tall glass of milk.  

Carrie giggles and returns her gaze to the mirror.  Looking up into the mirror she noticed the clocks reflection was minutes from dinner so she ran her fingers through her hair and called for Lacey to come with her for dinner.  At least with her hiding out in here she wouldn’t have heard the rumour that had likely circulated the entire school by now she thought to herself as they walked together down the corridors. 

Carrie held her breath as they walked into the noisy room full of delicious smells of hams, roast beefs, roasted taters and fresh cooked corn on the cob. She braced herself for the teasing that was going to happen but it never did. She glanced around; everyone seemed busy with eating and talking about the latest news about the quidditch match that day. 

She peeled a nervous glance at the three loud and mischievous boys two tables over.  Lupin was engaged in a heated discussion with Potter, but he noticed her looking at him and gazed back.  A silent promise, he would keep her secret.  But then he smirked. At a price. 
She sighed and sat down trying to catch the end of the story Bellatrix was telling Narcissa and Lucius, but she could feel his eyes on her.  And knowing that she couldn’t focus one bit.

The following day it was a weekend meaning there was no classes but there was a huge swim meet, Gryffindor Vs Hufflepuff.  Which meant her Snake friends wouldn’t be there, so it wouldn’t be easy for her to get away with going, however she found herself drawn to the pool room nonetheless. 

She watched as muscled men swam effortlessly through the water, their rugged and large bodies enhancing their tight trunks.  When HufflePuff won she could see Lupin silently swear and throw his goggles and swim cap on the ground storming into the sauna while everyone else hit the showers so they could go back to their Saturday. 

Carrie grabbed her bag and went to leave but her path would lead her right past the sauna, and she wasn’t ready to risk running into Lupin again. She mentally assessed the room trying to determine where she could go to escape unseen.  She was so absorbed in her thoughts she didn’t notice a sweaty solid man sit down beside her until it was too late. She glanced at him and watched him run his hand through his hair and shake beads of pool water onto his hard chest. 

“So why do you watch me swim, Cunningham?” He suddenly spoke bringing her back to reality.

“I watch everyone swim, you’re not special or anything…” Carries lame attempt at making light was not left unnoticed. 

“Right, and Im left to understand that when you’re staring at me the entire meet, you have the ability to watch everyone else too? Tell me then, who won today?”‍

“A Hufflepuff….guy….” 



He caught her.  He knew. How long had he known. Oh Merlin! Carrie stood up and went to leave. 

“I’m not going to tell anyone.” He sighed.

“Why?” She asked him shocked.  This was exactly the kind of thing that him and his friends would use against someone. 

“I’m not all bad, just like I know you’re not an evil snake like some of your friends are.”

“Your trunks must be too tight, I don’t understand.” She was quite confused at the change she was seeing in him. “You hate us Lupin.” She was suddenly very aware of the closeness of their bodies. 

“Maybe I do...Maybe I don’t…” he stared into her eyes for a long moment before leaning forward and their lips touched lightly. 

He pulled back and looked for protest but she pulled him against her roughly kissing him deeply.  His hands, his magical hands, were under her clothing in moments pulling her sweater and shirt off and discarding them absentmindedly.  He stood quickly, pulling her up and lifting her so she could wrap her legs around his waist and he climbed down the bleachers and pulled her into the foggy sauna room. 

He pressed her against the wall and nibbled her neck as she ran her fingers through his hair.  He was almost completely naked, a fact she become extremely aware of as her slowly began removing the pin that held her pleated skirt up. She realized she was suddenly in her knickers in the middle of the boys sauna room snogging Remus Lupin. 

“Oh Merlin!” She moaned as his hands gripped her ass and he kissed the skin between her breasts. Was this really happening? Was her imagination running wild again? She had no idea but she didn’t want it to stop.

He set her down kissing her lips passionately as she pulled him towards the bench.  She pushed him down on the bench and climbed onto his lap kissing his neck and jawline while he played with her bra. Stumbling through unfastening it he pulled it and her panties from her body and removed his swim trunks.  

Finally he was inside her.  They moved together as if in sync to each other's needs and she could feel him throbbing inside her which gave her waves of pleasure she couldn’t describe.  They moved together, breathing heavily, gripping at each others naked bodies trying to hold on before falling over the edge.  what felt like forever, was really just minutes of pure bliss. 

They stayed that way, him inside her, both panting quickly till they finally caught their breath.  Soaking up the moment before they had to pull away, they looked into each others eyes and then she stood up breaking the connection.

She’d never felt this good, never this much pleasure.  She had had a partner before, and he made her feel good, but not amazing. This was amazing. Even though she knew it’d probably never happen again, she wasn’t remorseful or left wanting.  

“See ya, Carrie.” He winked as he pulled his trunks over himself.  She watched as he turned and walked out of the sauna room towards the shower.

“See you, Remus..” she whispered as she pulled her own undergarments on and looked for the pin to her skirt. 

The end